Technique, Consistency and Art.

Founded in 2003, PremiumLab completes 20 years on the market. We operate with professionalism and vast knowledge, in cases of oral rehabilitation, aesthetics and restorations, applying modern processes, as well as using the best technologies and materials on the market.Our team is prepared and supervised by Edson da Silva, to give an answer and technical support to all cases that come to us. Our goal is to offer the best solution for each case, in order to meet your patient's expectations, with precision and art.

Our Principles


To positively impact the lives of our customers, patients and employees, aligning and exceeding expectations whenever possible.
To respect others, the environment, and to develop ourselves are our absolute values, thus providing a humanized and excellent service.


To be a world reference in esthetics and oral rehabilitation, always promoting health and prevention as an absolute value.
Worldwide recognition for continuing education, in order to share our knowledge acquired over two decades of experience and provide the constant evolution of our team and everyone to whom we relate.


Ethics and respect for all our customers, patients, employees and partners.
Respect the norms and rules in force and contribute to the environment.
To always provide personalized and humanized care Having the enchanting experience  is the value we want to transmit. Continuous self-development.