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Prosthetic planning
Planning is the most important step for the success of the treatment, it involves an interdisciplinary dynamic between the patient, the clinical team and the technician. It allows the visualization of the final result in order to guide all the next steps.
Laboratory Phase
The traditional planning is initiated through the model of study of the current situation of the patient, followed by photographs, where a diagnostic wax-up is made and when necessary Digital smile Design in 2D or 3D plus STL - Cad Cam.
Diagnostic Waxing
Being made practically 100% by digital or handmade stream when requested.
PMMA Provisional
Our provisionals are made in PMMA using the Cad-Cam system so that they immediately solve the functional and aesthetic situation of each case, giving the clinician and the patient total security to proceed with the treatment, in a predictable way.
3D printing
It will be printed on resin, and the model of the digital or work waxing will be generated - We use the FormLabs 2 and Rapidshape printers.
We send a silicone guide where the dentist will make a smile test (mock-up), with the possibility of checking the function and aesthetics of each case, even before any clinical intervention. The same silicone guide can also be used to make the provisional, after preparation.
Work on Implants
We have extensive knowledge and experience, in cases of prostheses on screwed or cemented implants, where each case will be determined by prior planning (Customized Abutment and Screwed or Cemented Prostheses). Whenever possible, we make bolts, which can be made of free metal, zirconium or lithium disilicate.
Our ceramic cases are also completed with prior planning where the final work will be a faithful copy of the result already approved and expected by the patient.For making ceramic cases (laminated ceramic veneer, ceramic crowns, ceramic fragments, onlays, ceramic inlays), we work with the best brands of materials on the market, such as: Creation Willi Geller, E.max Ceram / Empress Cad Ivoclar Vivadent and Initial GC.
Cad Cam
We work with several milling systems (Wieland, Roland, Amann Girrbach, Sirona), in order to enable an effective and standardized digital work protocol, which can be done through receiving the customer's fingerprint (intra oral scanning) - STL , or laboratory scanning of the model, or shooting of each case.

Our Team

Technical Team

Edson Silva
Dental Technician- Ceramist & Supervisor
Filipa Rebelo
Dental Technician- Ceramist
Ramon Lima
Dental Technician- Ceramist
Eduarda Nascimento
Dental Technician- Ceramist Costumer comunication Manager
Renan Junqueira
Dental Technician
Teresa Alegria
Dental Technician- CadCam and Framework department Manager
Beatriz Cordeiro
Dental Technician- CadCam
Vitória Suguiura
Dental Technician- CadCam
Sofia Quintas
Dental Technician- CadCam

Administrative Team

Ana Carolina dos Santos
Financial Affairs
Marly Martel
Client Services
Stella da Silva
Marketing Intern