Premium Laboratory

Precision/Art and dedication for more than a decade in dentistry.

The first Laboratory was founded in 2003, in São Paulo - Brazil.

With more than 14 years in the market, we have been able to act with professionalism and vast knowledge, in cases of functional rehabilitation, esthetics and in cases of common restorations, applying modern processes, as well as using materials of top quality and recognized in the market.

We are equipped with the latest and most innovative technology, so that we can offer quality to all requested jobs.

Our team has been prepared and supervised by Edson da Silva, in order to provide a response and technical support to all cases that arrive. Our goal is to offer the best solution for each case, to meet your patient's expectation with precision and art.



In the present day, correct planning has been the most important step for the success of a treatment, involving an interdisciplinary dynamic between patient, dentist, and technician, enabling the visualization of the final result before even initiating treatment.


The traditional planning is initiated through the study model of the patient's current situation, followed by current photographs as well, where a DSD that can be 2D or 3D plus STL - Cad Cam is made.


Being 2D, will be followed by a wax physical diagnosis.


Being 3D, there will be no physical waxing and no plaster model. It will be printed on dental resin that is injection molded, a digital wax model - FormLabs 2.


In the two options will be sent a silicone guide where the dentist will make a smile test (mock up), allowing you the possibility to check the function and aesthetics of each case, before even any clinical intervention, optimizing patient approval and sale of the case. This same silicone guide can also be used to make the temporary after preparation.


Our Provisions are made in a way that immediately solves the functional and aesthetic situation of each case, giving the clinician and the patient total security to proceed with the treatment in a predictable way.


We have a vast knowledge and experience (14 years), in cases of implanted or cemented prosthesis, where each case will be determined by previous planning (Custom Abutment, Bolted or Cementated Copings) and, when possible, we make bolted, that can be made in free metal, ceramic Zirconia, Zirconia + Lithium Dissilicate, or ceramic metal.


Our ceramics cases are also concluded through a previous planning where the final work will be a faithful copy or improved (when necessary) of the result already approved and expected by the patient, because in all cases, we use our technique of reference guides in addition silicone, to transfer the initial planning information to the final ceramic case resolution.

for the elaboration of cases in ceramics (veneer ceramics, ceramic crowns, ceramic fragments, onlays, ceramic inlays), we use the best brands and materials on the market such as: Creation Willi Geller, Ivoclar Vivadent.


We work with several milling systems (Wieland, Roland, Amann Girrbach, Sirona) in order to enable an effective and standardized digital work protocol, which can be done by receiving the digital print (intraoral scanning) of the client - STL , or laboratory scanning of the model, or running of each case.

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